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Regardless of the popularity of smart entry systems and key-finders, the position in which people become not able to get into (or even worse – get out) of their car is quite ordinary. Make certain you have got the number of our service saved in case you would need help with one or more of the following:

  • car lockouts – typically, occur when you forget where exactly you put your keys. However, keys also have additional nasty tendencies such as to break or stuck in the keyhole of the ignition switch or door lock;
  • trunk lockout – happens due to lost or forgotten someplace keys, key fob failure or even attempted car theft. Our master will unlock or recover the lock damaged by an intrusion attempt or occasional difficulties with the locking system;
  • locked keys in the interior of a car – it could do more harm than good to try to force-open your car if the needed keys were left inside. Give a call to our automotive locksmithing pro in Surrey for fast and accurate opening of your vehicle;
  • broken ignition key removal or recovery – no need to despair in case of such a misfortune because both the ignition switch and your nerves can easily be saved.

Basically, the owner of a locked car has two options: either destroy the troublesome lock and renew it later or request the help of a highly skilled technician. Our certified and legally bonded locksmithing service assures that the door or trunk latch will remain intact after the opening operation is done. What is most important, this allows the car owner to not waste money on a rather expensive new latch fitting.

What about a chance of thieves breaking into your vehicle? The matter, however unnerving, can be solved by simply fitting a deadlock. In this way, the vehicle will have simultaneously two locks installed. Two main types of deadbolt are called the rack bolt and locking bar, and both are trustworthy mechanisms significantly lowering the risk of your car being stolen. Our locksmith will use superior quality materials and special equipment to guarantee a complete safety of your car.

Car trunks too are known to cause troubles to those drivers who often misplace their key fob. Being the most obvious place to store things, they can feature extra-protection installed by the manufacturer. Therefore, hard and fast rules of unblocking a locked trunk simply do not exist. A qualified locksmith, however, has a knowledge of technologically supported, quick and careful access to the trunk lock-up mechanism. In more novel cars, the trunk may require a smart key or original transponder to be opened. Even if your car has nonstandard modifications or its locks are protected by extra security measures, a skilled locksmith will deliver everything necessary to settle the matter.

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