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Commercial Door Security and Business Locksmithing

Reliable protection of office premises mainly depends on the quality of security hardware and timely maintenance. Video surveillance systems and computer monitoring are considered an additional protective measure whereas primary protection level is provided by dependable locks, sliding panels and security bars. Services proposed by our company cover repair, calibration, and installation of all these types of modern safeguard hardware.

Our technicians provide fast and high-quality installation of commercial security systems, starting from push locks and latch bolts for inner doors, and including tubular deadbolts and high-security cylindrical locks for outer doors. In addition, our locksmiths in Surrey are capable of working with mechanisms for sliding office doors. This service includes mounting of high-security locks, repair of broken rails and sliding panels, or even complete replacement of all damaged elements.

We also provide installation of door accessories, such as re-enforced hinges, safety chains, and additional locks. Whereas door chains can be mounted in practically every door, heavy l10, 12, and 14 pin locks may require a strengthened framework. Our specialists make a careful assessment of the reliability of the door and modify/re-install the loadbearing constructions. That is, we match together all the elements of the security system in order to avoid a common situation in which a plenty of brand new locks shine from a cranky door.

Depending on the desired result, our clients can order the installation of standard door locks with interchangeable core and latch guards, or keyless locks with one or multiple codes for several employees.

Office lockouts are also one of the most time-sensitive matters today. We help you not lose your precious time by offering a variety of useful services:

  • cutting master keys for you to have failure-safe control of all your premises and restricted access zones;
  • putting in place panic bars and door closers to ensure fire safety and comfort of your office;
  • expertise on both simple and most sophisticated hardware: recovery and check of heavy duty locks and latch guards, as well as electric strikes, keypad locks and mortise locks;
  • monitoring of safety weaknesses and existing hardware upgrade.


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