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We focus on those issues that allow you both to ensure your safety and to minimise the damage from little inconveniences that appear when dealing with such losable things as latchkeys and safe keys.

  • Key duplication and replacement. The crucial point when duplicating a key is to make ensure that all copies match with precise accuracy. Our instrumentation makes it possible to achieve a high accuracy when copying (starting from 0.02 mm) – plus, we give you a 90-day guarantee.
  • Some keys are not only losable but breakable as well, especially vintage and furniture ones. A lot of old keys for furniture locks has been manufactured from ordinary alloys with a great chance of material failure after long service. In general, replacement of all defective locking system elements of antiquarian furniture is a well-justified precautionary measure. Our locksmiths in Surrey extract broken keys, cut new ones, replace outdated locks and install custom ones – a wide range of high-quality services for your comfort and protection.
  • Another aspect of everyday life that desperately requires the help of a qualified and experienced technician is the protection of both valuable belongings, such as jewelry, cash or art objects, and items that should be kept away from kids, including medicines or personal protection devices. In case of loss of keys, all the advantages of a high-class safe box immediately turn into flaws. Therefore, we also deal with home/portable safes – we guarantee careful safe cracking (minimal time necessary depends on a model of your safe).
  • Burglary damage repair. Home-invasion robbery has never been a delicate operation. In fact, a fair amount of thieves try to gain entry to the house by brute force. They may quickly capitulate being stopped by your reliable lock, yet that does not mean that your lock would not suffer a serious damage. We provide prompt replacement of damaged parts and rekey damaged locks along with additional safety issues. We also provide changing of key combinations, in case you suspect that your previous secret code is compromised.
  • The master key system is a clever way to avoid home lockouts and gain control to all corners of your home at once. Moreover, it is practically the only one known way to delegate all necessary keys to your relatives and family friends. With our services, you will be able to obtain such a chance with no delays.
  • An overall protection of your house. Our experts also install all types of fence gate locks, including models for wooden, metal or even custom gates. In addition, we propose you extra protective measures, such as deadbolt locks, peep holes and mailbox locking systems.
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