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Even the best lock is useless when installed into a flimsy door. The best protective solutions are always multi-component because the reliability of any system is determined by the reliability of its weakest element. Therefore, our specialists propose you a wide range of services that increase the protection of your house in its entirety.

Our locksmiths in Surrey will work on installation and replacement of all types of doors and carcass structures. We proffer our clients complete re-installation of doorframes along with alternate safeguard measures, including the strengthening of load-bearing structures or reparation of decorative elements of the door.

We deliver expertise in door and frame repair, as well as all types of frames, pivot repair, replacement of hinges, safety interlocks, handles, etc. All these seemingly indestructible elements require careful maintenance because no other mechanism in the house is used so often as a regular lock. Surely, squeaking doors and malfunctioning locks cannot be ignored. By choosing our qualified locksmiths, you get a quick and low-price assessment of all the damage. Our experts separate those defects that have mostly a cosmetic effect from those that can lower the protective characteristics of the door.

In addition to traditional doorframes, our locksmiths also work with rail doors and sliding doors. Unlike old-fashioned exemplars, they feature a great deal of potentially breakable elements.

Some of these constructions may be quite short-lived if exposed to challenging environmental conditions. In addition, they require correct and regular maintenance. We replace timeworn hinges, door-handles, or aluminium storefronts, and maintain re-installed mechanisms on a routine basis.

You can get a detailed consultation about the measures that can prevent a break-in and boost both the reliability and service lifetime of your locks and doors. We also cover all spheres of maintenance aimed at improvement of reliability of door locks. In fact, nine out of ten malfunctions arise due to improper operation. So, the necessity of timely checks by a skilled technician is beyond the question – give us a call as soon as there is a need.

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